Sunday, June 10, 2012

O-StartClock - the orienteering start clock!


"Just Windows Phone" together with "Virtual Orienteering" are proud to release a new free application for Windows Phone smartphones, very useful for orienteering events: O-StartClock - the orienteering start clock!

O-StartClock is a timing tool needed in all orienteering competitions where more than just a few players participate. It helps event organizers to give a proper start with a fixed time delay between players.

- sync with current phone date and time
- supports negative timing
- alarm buzz on specified timings / configurable timings
- mute/unmute alarm buzz
- run under locked screen
- configurable number of buzzes
- phone theme (dark/light) friendly.
- FREE and NO ads

For a first impression please have a look on these screenshots:


We invite you to start using it and please send us your feedback/testimonials in order to improve and promote this application.

Thank you for supporting us!
We love you!



Created as a collaboration between
Virtual Orienteering - Find your way! -



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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Console window with Windows Phone 7 emulator

You can easily set console window with Windows Phone 7 emulator by setting the following registry DWORD keys with value 1:




Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Compass VO' for Windows Phone Mango v1.2

   Dear friends, tourists, orienteering folks, army or adventurous people,

   We are delighted to announce that we have released the best digital compass application for Windows Phone Mango devices out there.

   All our users who have played with 'Compass VO', have proved by their positive feedback, that among so many various compasses applications on the marketplace, 'Compass VO' is outstanding awesome by its unique features:

- Uses internal digital compass (WP7.5, Mango)
- Multiple themes (Orienteering, Digital, Compass Rose, Mango graphics, Night, many to come in the future).
- Easy and intuitive to use.
- Compass dial for target bearing and/or orienteering.
- Take photo of your map (or a photo in your library) and use it in the background to have the map on your sight all the time.
- Use the popular 1,2,3 compass system along with this digital compass the same as a real compass.

    We wish to grant a big THANK YOU ! to all our users who have contributed with their constructive feedback and made possible the creation of this small but sometimes very useful tooling application.
    Having 'Compass VO' aside in your toolbox, there will be no reason to feel lost and you'll perform as a master ranger in navigation skills.

image image image
image image image

You can access it from here:

Created in collaboration with
Virtual Orienteering - Find your way! - www.vorienteering.comvo_banner

Saturday, July 16, 2011

‘Ro Jobs’ for Windows Phone v.1

    Dear friends, software passionate and job seekers!

    We are happy to announce the 'Ro Jobs' windows phone application admission and official lunch.

    'Ro Jobs' application aims to help all Romanian job seekers in finding the best and fresh job opportunities on Romanian job market.
    The application is a job browser which its primary function is to search your job into an indexed job database with the help of a powerful job engine specific for Romanian job market ( All the jobs advertised on the web via,,,,,,, etc.. are now accessible to your Windows Phone smartphone by one touch (or less if you rely on notifications).

  • easy to use and intuitive interface
  • searching jobs opportunities based on keywords and/or location criteria.
  • can detect your location search criteria in case you don't know exactly your location
  • offline search results storage for later browsing when no connectivity and to improve the overall application performance
  • automatically storage if latest search criteria.
  • saved list of favourites jobs
  • be notified about the latest and newest jobs right on time, even without opening the 'Ro Jobs' application grace to the embedded push notification system. When activated the new jobs apparition notification can notice you about the latest jobs based on latest search criteria you have used.
  • share your job searching findings with your colleagues and friends via Twitter, Facebook or Email
  • multi language interface: English and Romanian.

    Your feedback and support is very valuable for us in order to improve 'Ro Jobs' application for the next version, so please don't hesitate to send us your feedback, by rate our application on Windows Phone market as well by sending your message in here.

    Happy jobs browsing and good luck in finding the right job for you!


You can access it from here:

Carefully created by Just Windows Phone & Balaur.Ro

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We love working with Kanban tools - LeanKit

Hi folks!

As we are started working with this amazing Kanban tool and we are extremely delighted
We just wanted to share one part of our work-board.

Really great tool – Nice job LeanKit Kanban!