Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Compass VO' for Windows Phone Mango v1.2

   Dear friends, tourists, orienteering folks, army or adventurous people,

   We are delighted to announce that we have released the best digital compass application for Windows Phone Mango devices out there.

   All our users who have played with 'Compass VO', have proved by their positive feedback, that among so many various compasses applications on the marketplace, 'Compass VO' is outstanding awesome by its unique features:

- Uses internal digital compass (WP7.5, Mango)
- Multiple themes (Orienteering, Digital, Compass Rose, Mango graphics, Night, many to come in the future).
- Easy and intuitive to use.
- Compass dial for target bearing and/or orienteering.
- Take photo of your map (or a photo in your library) and use it in the background to have the map on your sight all the time.
- Use the popular 1,2,3 compass system along with this digital compass the same as a real compass.

    We wish to grant a big THANK YOU ! to all our users who have contributed with their constructive feedback and made possible the creation of this small but sometimes very useful tooling application.
    Having 'Compass VO' aside in your toolbox, there will be no reason to feel lost and you'll perform as a master ranger in navigation skills.

image image image
image image image

You can access it from here:

Created in collaboration with
Virtual Orienteering - Find your way! - www.vorienteering.comvo_banner

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